How Snapchat and Periscope are changing the experience of Tomorrowland (and all festivals)

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Coachella. EDC. Tomorrowland.

All incredibly massive music festivals.

And what do they have in common? Aside from hundreds of thousands of people having the time of their lives, these music festivals share a very common element: connectedness with the outside world through technology.

Gone are the days where a multi-day festival was something you told your friends about on Monday morning. Nowadays, technology allows anyone, anywhere to be part of the action. Take Tomorrowland for example, a festival going on right now, that attracted over 400,000 people in 2014, ready to party unlike ever before.

View of Tomorrowland

This festival takes production value to another level, from creating the magical world of “Melodia” for attendees, to building one of the most impressive stages ever seen, to streaming the entire experience LIVE over 4 channels. It’s a quite immersive setup in and of itself, allowing viewers to select their exact stream at any given time with picture in picture viewing capabilities, so not a single moment is missed.

But what’s even more immersive is the technology in the hands of the hundreds of thousands of people partying. At any given moment “outsiders” can view and more importantly, be part of the experience at Tomorrowland. Whether that means viewing Tiesto’s Snapchat story from stage overlooking 60,000 people, or from the hands of friends there. Snapchat even aggregated the collective story from each day at the festival so far. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to do so! Tiesto himself said during an interview at Tomorrowland:

“Technology is making it possible for people to hear music that doesn’t exist anywhere else [outside of Tomorrowland]. It is making it possible for anyone anywhere to be part of the experience.”

Another immersive experience many people are overlooking is Periscope. While the social app may not have the clout and user base of Snapchat, it allows for an entirely different, yet equally awesome experiential participation. Martin Solveig for example, used Periscope to share his adventures at Tomorrowland with his followers during interviews, and even backstage, given us a view of the festival from his perspective, while answering his fans’ questions real-time. That right there is real-time social!

We live in an incredible point in time. These apps are changing the game, not only in everyday life by bringing people together, but especially in emotionally intense and unique environments like music festivals, allowing all of us to be part of the action.

…or to use the words of many DJs who performed, (as a result of these apps) “WE ARE ONE


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