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When many people turn to online mediums to share their experiences with a business, often these are filled with complaints and rants about how poor service was, how bad the quality of the product was, or how they didn’t like the establishment altogether.

But not this time. Today I am sharing with you an example of exceptional customer service I experienced recently.

Let me start by saying, “I LOVE GYROS.” And when I discovered a short while ago through my roommate, @cthorton1, that Sprouts Farmer’s Market has Gyro meat in their deli, I nearly lost my mind. If you haven’t heard about Sprouts yet allow me to share. As their website says, their “colorful, lively, easy-to-shop stores offer a unique mix of natural, organic and great tasting mainstream foods at remarkably low prices. You’ll find mountains of farm-fresh produce, all-natural meats and a scoop-your-own wonderland of bulk foods.”

With over 100 stores in Arizona, California, and Nevada, Sprouts has worked hard to expand its brand and locations in the past 10 years.

A view of the large, open concept store

Upon entering, the market offers an open, airy feel, likening Whole Foods.

Detailed exploration, however, reveals a great selection, paralleled with equally appealing prices. (Here’s a price comparison by

There are a lot of places to shop, but I choose Sprouts because of their mentality as a business: passing savings down to consumers. Sprouts receives their inventory in bulk (much like Costco), but then breaks it into ease-to-use portions. It’s an awesome model, and it’s one of the reasons I support Sprouts. 

Another reason I support this business is because their employees are incredibly helpful, and more than that, they are friendly and engaging. And the store is always clean. But my real reason for writing this post comes from a very specific customer service experience I had with two Sprouts employees, and it has to do with my previously-mentioned love for GYROS!

Unfortunately, I am not the only Sprouts customer who is wildly enthusiastic about the store-packaged Gyro meat in the deli. There have been a number of times I have visited Sprouts, only to find the Gyro shelf cleaned out. A while back, in a state of dismay, I asked an employee behind the deli counter. He notified me the store would soon have Gyro meat again, but offered to take my name and phone number on the back of a sandwich ordering form. I assumed he was trying to appease me, but when I received a phone call almost two weeks later, I was floored–in a good way!

Here’s the voicemail he left: Ken from Sprouts Deli

I was truly amazed. I never expected I would actually receive a call. Then several days later I received another. This time from Peter:

Peter — Excellent Customer Service

I know, to some, this may not be anything special, but with a lack of customer service abounding nowadays, it is refreshing to find a business that steps outside the norm, and sets itself apart. Either one, or both of them, could easily have thrown my note away, and that would have been the end of it. But neither of them did. In fact, they both took the time to make sure their customer was taken care of.

THAT is something I genuinely appreciate, and that is one of the main reasons I shop at and support Sprouts. If you have not been there before, take the time to plan a visit. It will be worth it! I promise.

And if that’s not enough reason, for those of you who like wine, they have many specials, some even going as low as 3 bottles for $10.

Isn’t it time you paid Sprouts a visit??


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