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Here is a very insightful post by Tom Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures. Provided are helpful links to relevant articles.


ex post facto


On its sixth birthday, Twitter reports 140M users sending 340M tweets daily.  link

The New York Times announced 454,000 paid subscribers to its various digital packages after the first year, about 25% of the size of paper circulation, second to the WSJ at about 700,000 digital subscribers. At an average annual subscription of $200, this implies an $88M run rate for the NYT digital business.  link

Wimdu, AirBnb’s German rival announces $132 million gross revenue run rate, implying a $16M net run rate. The company takes 13% transaction fee. link

Amazon will let Eucalyptus clients use the AWS API to connect Eucalyptus-based private clouds with Amazon’s public cloud, giving enabling a hybrid private/public cloud solution which brings the security of a private cloud with scalability of a public cloud. link

Digital game sales reached a total of $3.3B (+9% y/y) in the fourth quarter in the U.S. and…

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