Share of the Week — Who do you thank for your success?

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Who created that spark of inspiration in your soul that motivated you to be where you are today?

It could be an institution, organization, team, or just a single person that significantly touched you.

I want you to ask yourself, “who impacted me more than anyone else? Who do I have to thank for where, and more importantly, who I am today?”

As a fitness and lifestyle coach I thrive to understand what drives and motivates humans. When fatigue sets in, true personalities come out. I’m talking about attention to detail vs getting sloppy, self-confidence vs self-doubt, good work ethic vs not having it at all. Developmental psychology educates us that many of these characteristics (and of course many more) are formed during our childhood and adolescence.

Since much of that time is spent in school and with extracurricular activities, those play a significant role in our development. Obviously our families do, but I am specifically focusing on those we came in contact with outside of our homes.

An individual that greatly impacted me was my 7th grade English teacher, Mr. Colt. His name suited him perfectly–he would unload a clip of challenging questions without taking a single breath. As a native German-speaker, and after 6 years at the German-American School in Menlo Park, this was my first “real” English class. But it was also the first time I really tried. And it was thanks to him. His passion for teaching was a layer built on his love for good humor, music, and people. Mr. Colt inspired me to try because he was different. Although I did not go on to pursue English in college, he showed me the utility of language and the advantages experienced by those who have a strong command of their words. His constant nagging, nitpicking, and nudging helped me become detail-oriented, confident in my abilities, and consistent in my drive. Although it was not part of English education, he honed other skills as well, such as focus while multi-tasking. During Vocab tests, he would blare classics like “Ring of Fire,” or “Little Boxes” while he administered his questions.

I suppose in addition to everything I listed above, he gave me an appreciation for music written in the early 1960s.

I believe, I know that each one of you has been impacted by someone, and you have them to thank for much of what you have achieved…

So please, share…

“Who lit that spark in your soul, and what specifically did they do to create that lasting impact in you?”

Thank you 😀


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