Unlearning Education

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For most of my life I have felt that although my education was very interesting it often didn’t stimulate my mind to the fullest. This is not a result of the institutions I attended, but rather the educational system’s model for teaching.

It is too much about rote memorization, forced regurgitation, and biased evaluation, rather than conceptual understanding, and most importantly real-life application.

Think about your college learning experience: right off the top of your head, what 5 classes did you take your first semester of freshmen year? Can you tell me the 3 most important concepts you learned in each of those classes?

If you are like most of us, probably not. But if so, you must have learned subjects that you really enjoyed and stuck with you.

The reason most people do not remember their education is not their fault, it is the result of institutionalized learning that is outdated by at least half a century. Our modern education system was created primarily to suit the growing needs of industrialization and educated workers. That system is of course built on centuries European learning.

My point is this, we are learning virtually the same way people did over 100 years ago, but that does not take into account any sociological or technological BOOMS that have radically shifted our way of life in the last century.

25 years ago did anyone know what impact social media would make? 50 years ago, would anyone have thought you could google the answer to, literally, ANYTHING within seconds? Did educators 100 years ago think students would do almost all their work on computers one day?

Our education system is outdated. It needs a dramatic overhaul that not only focuses on incorporating technology’s benefits, but also prepares students for life by teaching them LIFE SKILLS (as one would expect from our education). Things like, how to file your taxes, how credit works, how to manage bills and pay them on time, how to better understand and interact with the opposite sex, what it means to be a leader, and how leadership affects life and success. I’m talking about all those times where you say to yourself, “I really wish someone would have taught me this…”

Our education system should do just that!


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