Share of the Week– Sir Ken Robinson “Schools Kill Creativity”

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Are you happy with what you learned in school?

Or do you feel like the education system might be lacking a bit??

Every education system on earth has virtually the same exact hierarchy of subjects:

1. Mathematics and Languages,

2. Humanities,

3. The Arts (with Art & Music taking a higher status than Drama and Dance)

Is this fair? I know for many, many of my own friends this outdated system has forced them to put their passions aside for more “realistic” and “worldly” subjects that pay better. But when you look at our culture today, especially pop culture, some of the highest paid individuals do not come from the first two tiers–>they come from the arts! Think about Hollywood, Broadway, Motown…the list goes on. Highly publicized and profitable parts of society, all which draw their talent from the Arts.

Think about if the Beatles had instead decided to go into car manufacturing, if Andrew Lloyd Webber had been an architect, and Lindsay Lohan was your kid’s physician.


I’m sure they all would have done just fine, but I’m simply saying, I prefer the paths they all chose…they are incredibly entertaining as artists, well…except maybe the latter–she’s just entertaining.

My point is that we educate many children away from passions and talents that could give not only give them, but many. many others, great satisfaction in life.

Today’s Share of the Week is titled “Schools Kill Creativity”. This TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) talk comes from the 2006 conference and is a video I have shared with countless friends and family. Sir Ken Robinson chats casually, humurously, and profoundly about our education system, and what it does to creativity.

If you have ever been told “Don’t do music, you’re not going to be a musician. Don’t do art, you won’t to be an artist. Don’t dance, you won’t be a dancer” this video will really speak to you.

You might have had these dreams, but like most of us, we were educated out of it.

Sir Ken Robinson speaks his mind on the subject and urges that change must come about.

Give this video a look, and  if you agree, share it with your friends.

(in case the video does not load for you here is the link)

If you haven’t visited it before, be sure to check out the TED website…some of the most mind-blowing products, concepts, and ideas I have ever come across


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