My First “Share of the Week” — Airbnb

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I hope you are ready for the 4th of July and have something special planned. If you are traveling out of town and spending the night in a bed other than your own, this is for you!

I’ve realized I have a great passion for sharing new things with people, especially when it is a product or idea I really believe in.  Recently, while at a friend’s house, I asked the same question I ask everyone being the son of a travel agent…and honestly, I’d like you to take a second and think about it for yourself:

“What is your favorite place in the whole world? The one place you would recommend beyond anything else? And WHY? This is based on whatever criteria you have, be it natural beauty, cultural encounters, or unique experiences, whatever?

…PAUSE…think about it…


…what/where is it?”

(seriously, I’d love to hear your comments below)

I heard several new answers that afternoon, and as a new fan of a product I really believe in, I offered them a whole new way to travel: Airbnb ( Nobody had heard of the recently $100 million dollar series funded S.F. based startup, and several did not understand it until I whipped out my iPhone and tapped open the App. Airbnb_App

After a flashy collage of beautiful listings from the site, the App loaded and instantly allowed me to demonstrate the inherent complexity and simplicity of Airbnb and its properties, seamlessly integrated into witty categories from around the world. They were captivated. One quickly pulled out his computer to view the site online, and I quickly saw a grin of satisfaction and excitement.

When I saw them again today, I found myself again sharing a new gem, so my friend suggested I post about new and interesting things I come across here on a regular basis so everyone can stop by and check it out.

Therefore, this shall be my first post titled “Share of the Week.”

The vacation possibilities and truly, unique cultural experiences made possible by Airbnb are endless.

From places shaped like conventional objects (Boothouse Bed and Breakfast) to unconventional nature filled luxury escapes, Airbnb has it all.

But I chose this site for more than just its vast collection of intriguing listings. Airbnb provides a global community market for hosts and travelers to find their right match. The site’s financial procedures echo those of any major e-commerce powerhouse, but they are unique in that their users’ interaction leads to real-life encounters and relationships.

You have to see it to believe it. Check out the site, and download their mobile app, if for no reason other than to see the master bedroom and bathroom of the biggest place listed in your area.

Think of all the new travel opportunities that await you when you are not limited to staying at hotels…

Are you ready for the travel revolution?


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