Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by and being so curious to click around a bit.

I am Andreas Seckler, your host and your entertainer.

Quick Bio: Young, motivated and excited to meet and work with equally enthusiastic individuals! Here to make a difference.

Extended Bio: 27 long (or short, depending on your age and outlook) years ago I was born at Stanford hospital. I was raised speaking German until about age 5 when I “learned English on the streets.” My parents raised us in the Bay Area, migrating north and south between San Francisco and San Jose, but never living anywhere outside the Peninsula. Thanks to my mother’s travel agency and my family’s passion for adventure, I have had the good fortune of seeing much of the world from a young age.

I’ve spent my entire life fascinated by “how things work” and I carry this curiosity with me throughout life, be it business, education, or relationships. From a young age, I’ve had a passion to create things. When I was age 7,  I learned business strategy & sales by inadvertently using childhood charm on college students: I went to the NCAA rowing championship at the nearby lagoon with a cart full of Capri Suns, each one strategically priced at 75 cents. The dilemma for the thirsty rowers came when they realized they only had $1 bills and dangling change in their pockets would be cumbersome. Instinctively the rowers looked down at my face with a smile and said “it’s okay kid, keep the change.” Little did they know, their “kind contributions” were dramatically increasing my margins. At the end of the day, I grabbed my empty cart, my paper bag of full of dollar bills, and proudly marched home.

Naturally so, come college, I chose a subject very close to my heart: Entrepreneurship. My university years engaged me tremendously, and I demonstrate each day what I learned while at Loyola Marymount University.

After my sophomore year I decided to take a semester leave-of-absence from college to better understand myself and the knowledge I acquired. June of 2009 I launched Create Fitness, a lifestyle and fitness coaching company geared at improving health quality by educating clients not how to exercise, but how to better take care of themselves. Coaching focused on 4 pillars of enhancement: physical, nutritional, spiritual, and mind. The integration between these concepts, their real-life application, and their achieved results have taught me to observe, plan, and execute in a thorough entrepreneurial manner. The complexity and difficulty of pattern recognition and problem solving involved within the human body is unmatched by any technological process.

Taking real-life education to heart, I co-founded College Rental Listings my senior year, after a night of complaining that there existed no go-to solution for off-campus college student housing. So we filled the void and created an Airbnb-Craigslist synergy for colleges.

The skills gained by applying education’s theoretical concepts to the pursuit of my own real ventures, made my continued learning no longer a tedious task of rote memorization, but rather an effortless and engaged conversation with the subject matter.

Like I said, I am fascinated by “how things work,” and how ideas grow from the infantile state in the mind to the laws that govern life and the products that fill it. Take yourself for example; how many ideas did it take to make your reading of my blog, on some electronic device, somewhere in the world, possible??

I live for understanding that process.

If you have some questions for me, or you just want to get together and shoot some ideas around, I’d love to listen.

Thanks for taking the time.

-Andreas Seckler


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